Harmonised global definition of cities and settlements

Capacity building

Engagement and outreach

UN-Habitat together with the European Commission organised in 2018 –2019 seven regional workshops to present the Degree of Urbanisation method and discuss how they could be improved and applied to national data. A total of 86 countries have participated in these workshops.

As follow up to the workshops the JRC conducted dedicated training in the United Arab Emirates at the request of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistical Authority, and at the UN-Habitat Headquarter in Kenya for UN-Habitat staff. Further events and a comprehensive training package is in preparation.

A map showing the location of the workshops held for the degree of Urbanisation

UN-Habitat also organised an expert group meeting to discuss this method in Brussels in 2017. The FAO and GSARS have presented the work at several forums that include the 7th International Conference on Agricultural Statistics in 2016, the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Food Security, Agricultural and Rural Statistics in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and at various meetings of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of GSARS. FAO and GSARS have engaged with seven countries to test and discuss in particular the level 2 of the Degree of Urbanisation: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Malaysia, Pakistan and the USA (GSARS 2018).

The European Commission has discussed this method with Australia, Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Turkey, the USA and Uganda. The OECD has organised a bilateral workshop in Uzbekistan and in Kazakhstan in July 2019 and in Moscow in September 2019. It has also discussed this method with Morocco, Tunisia and Vietnam. The World Bank has discussed this work with Haiti, Jordan and Turkey.

This work has also been presented at multiple international conferences. It was presented in a side-event during the last three meetings of the UN Statistical Commission and during the last two meetings of the UN Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM). It was also presented during two UN World Data Forums, two World Urban Forums, the IAOS conference in 2018, the World Statistical Congress in 2017, the OECD World Forum in 2018 and the Inter-Agency Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals in 2019.